Unique Service

Our services cater for all type’s of customers, big or small. And we are flexible to discuss any specific individual requirement.


1. Personnel

All staff are screened and sign a deed of confidentiality prior to commencement of employment. 

2. Collection & Retention Of Confidential Material

- Confidential material collected remain protected from unauthorised access  from the point of collection to complete destruction. 
- Collection is made by uniformed and suitably trained staff carrying photographic identification.

3. Secure bins and storing confidential information

We follow best practice guidelines for storing confidential information, keeping such data under lock and key in a secure bin prior to document shredding. After all, “confidential waste” is not confidential if it is thrown into an unsecured waste or recycling bin.

4. Vehicles

- Fitted with a vehicle tracking system
- Closed and locked during transit

5. Video Evidence

- The destruction process can be filmed as proof of destruction

Certificate Of Destruction

As part of our ongoing fulfilment of our quality program we issue a Certificate Of Destruction for any confidential shredding that we complete, if required. This will be emailed as a pdf document directly to the relevant person. It will advise the quantity that’s been shredded, on what date etc.

Environmentally Friendly

It doesn't matter these days how small or large your company is, there is already, and will be increasingly so in the future, an expectation to destroy waste in an environmentally friendly manner. If you use Master Confidential Document Shredding you can be assured every piece of paper shredded is recycled.