Have your important documents and data destroyed with our secure and friendly pick-up service. Or when moving home it is an opportune time to de-clutter and for many of us we build up over the years vast amounts of personal paperwork which is confidential in nature and details our names and addresses. Paperwork such as old bank statements and payslips, bills and receipts and old passports etc that can identify us by our name and or address can be lethal if they fall in to the hands of opportune Identity Thieves!
Shredding our personal and confidential paperwork is an essential defence against Identity Theft Crime...but unfortunately smaller domestic shredders can be temperamental and often over heat and can take 10-15 minutes to cool down in order to switch back on again. Then there is the removal of paper clips and staples and having to hand feed 2-3 sheets of paper at a time which is a slow and painful task to say the least! At MasterShred we provide a straight forward, cost effective and secure solution to keep your family and business paperwork 100% safe and secure and we stop Identity Theft 'Dead' in its tracks.

For the home user we have three options:

  1. On-Site Shredding
    We come to you and shred on your premises.
  2. Off-Site Shredding
    We collect from you and shred at our premises.
  3. Client delivers

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