Protect important data from the office to the shredder. For larger businesses there is usually a more regular need to keep expensive rental space free for better usage. Structural issues are also the call to action for MasterShred to be involved as in the past companies have traditionally used attics to store large amounts of paperwork. With central city office space at a premium removing surplus confidential paperwork on a regular basis is a sensible solution.

Step 1 - Choose A Solution That Works For You

Melamine Console

We provide secure, lockable Consoles for your office to keep your paperwork locked down, prior to collection and shredding, to enable your workplace to be POPI Compliant. Available in different colours to match your office furniture, 300 X 500 X 800mm.

Confidential Wheelie Bin

Afford clients the ability to dispose of day-to-day materials directly into a locked bin located on their premises. Bin’s can be rotated for a clean, empty bin at a schedule that suits them.

Your Own Boxes / Bags

We are able to collect paper in any box of bag, as long as its strong enough to transport the paperwork within it. Costings are volume based and based on a A4 Typek Type Box size.  

Step 2 - Choose your preferred shredding service

Once off shredding service, if it’s your own boxes or bags. Or a regular scheduled pick up for consoles or wheelie bins. Choose whether you want to buy or rent the console / wheelie bin; and whether you want a annual contract.

Step 3 - Fill Your Container / Console

There is no need to remove staples, paper clips or take the paper out of manila folders! All of this can be handled by the secure shredding centre. All you have to do is fill the console / wheelie bin with paper, and sensitive documents.

Step 4 - Book A Collection or Drop Off

When you are ready book a collection by sending an email to Or if it’s a regular scheduled service MasterShred Confidential Document Shredding will automatically come at the agreed collection date. Your console / wheelie bin will be emptied into a secure lockable wheelie bin, and the bin will be sealed in your presence with a security seal.

Step 5 - Proof Of Destruction

If required, and to give you piece of mind, we can film the destruction process, from the point where we break the seal of your specific wheelie bin/ bins, and emial you the video afterwards. We can also provide you with a Certificate Of Destruction.

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