MasterShred provides an efficient service to scan clients existing paper documents, enabling them to save time, money and storage space and helping organisations move towards a full Managed Document Solution (MDS). We take boxes of paperwork from customers and scans them to create new digital documents. Having electronic versions means companies can easily search their archives, can save space and money with reduced storage requirements and are not at risk of losing their documents to theft, fire or flood. The preparation work carried out by tMasterShred includes taking out staples and paperclips, unfolding paper and flattening dog-eared corners and taking documents out of binders. We also remove sticky notes which are often found on documents and, if required, scans these separately onto blank paper. After scanning, the paper documents must be reconstructed and returned to their original state – all without any damage or loss of any pages.


  • Enable organisations to replace their existing paper documents with electronic versions
  • Provide an efficient, high volume service to digitise documents
  • Improve workflow
  • Compliance and regulations


  • Digitisation service provided by MasterShred
  • As well as scanning, services include document preparation


  • Efficiently and accurately scans large volumes of paper documents
  • Improves document retrieval with searchable electronic versions, and provides full index of scanned documents
  • Simplifies administration by providing document that can be put directly into Laserfiche document management software or natively on a windows file structure or imported into the clients current system
  • Saves space and money as onsite storage is no longer needed for paper documents

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