Drop off your files at a secure Master Confidential Document Shredding drop off partner locations near you. Drop Off Shredding is becoming one of our most popular options for people who have a small amount of documents to shred, but can’t justify bringing out a mobile shredding truck to their office or their home to shred their documents while they watch. If you just have a few boxes of paper you need to shred, a drop off shredding location is one of the least expensive options. The drop off location will either charge per kg, or per Confidential Plastic Bag.  Master Confidential Document Shredding employees will pick-up the closed container and bring it to one of our secure shredding facilities.

If you have a large amount of documents (5 x A4 Typek size boxes or more), then the easiest and most affordable solution to shred them would be our off-site collection service where we collect the paper from you.

What Happens When I Drop Off My Documents?

When you arrive at one of our drop off location, you will be given the option of putting your documents in a Confidential Wheelie Bin or a Confidential Plastic Bag

Confidential Wheelie Bin

Confidential Plastic Bag

  • The bins are secured with a lock and unique seal.
  • Only MasterShred can open the lock
  • Bags hold approximately 14kgs
  • Each bag has a unique number
  • Single use, tamper evident
  • Proof of shredding can be provided if required
  • Certificate Of Destruction can be issued if required
Price: R9 per kg Price: R168 per bag
If you choose the Confidential Wheelie Bin option your documents will be weighed and you will be charged per kg. Once you have put your documents into the secured confidential wheelie bin, it cannot be opened by anyone but MasterShred employee who will shred the documents. If you choose the Confidential Plastic Bag option you will be charged per bag. You can either fill the bags right there, or take them home and fill them whenever convenient. Once filled you will drop them off at the drop off location. The bags are single use and tamper evident.

Preparing your Documents to Be Shredded at a Drop Off Location

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff, our shredder can take care of staples, paper clips, credit cards etc. There’s no need to remove these from any of your documents.
  2. Need to Separate or Organize -  there’s no need to organize your documents by paper type, thickness, or category etc. Papers can be brought in regardless of whether they’re clipped or stapled.
  3. The following items CAN NOT be shredded - metal items, sharp objects, batteries, toner cartridges, cardboard tubes, food pressurised containers, glassware, cigarette buds, any plastic, pencils, wood, lever arch files, egg holders, stickers, bound books.

Drop Off Locations


Fine Print & Copy

Woodhill Park Centre Shop 9, St Bernard Road
Garsfontein, Pretoria East, 
Tel: 012 993 0364


786 Jan Shoba Street, Brooklyn
Tel: 012 751 6686

Master Confidential Document Shredding

Weshrihan Park Unit A4, 160 Edison Crescent, Hennops Park, Centurion
Tel: 082 906 0485


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Postlink Sinoville

Postlink SinovilleShop No GF 12, Sinoville Centre
Cnr of Brac & Marija Streets, Sinoville
Tel: 066 161 8607


Postlink - Verdi Shopping Centre

Verdi Shopping Centre Shop 9,
Cnr. Beyers Naude Dr & Vincent Rd, 
Risedale, Johannesburg, 
Tel: 011 568 2214

Postlink - Linden

4 Linden Court, corner 8th Street and 4th Avenue
Linden, 2195, Johannesburg 
Tel: 069 542 7280 | 084 508 0020

Postlink Coachman's Crossing

Shop No. 10, Peter Place, Bryanston, Johannesbyrg, 2060
WhatsApp: +27 69 616 2375 | Tel: +27 61 544 3822
email: coachmans@postlink.co.za

More locations will be added shortly

The Drop Off Shredding Service Process