Estate Document Shredding

When your beloved family member passes, taking care of their estate often corresponds with several stages of grief. It is never an easy job. Estates typically have a lot of old documents and paperwork to be sorted and shredded. It can be difficult to determine what needs to be kept, what should be given to another family member, and what can be shredded.

List Of Estate Documents To Keep
  • A Will
  • Birth, marraige, divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates and / or adoption papers for minor children
  • Passport, ID, drivers licence.
  • Life insurance documents
  • Current insurance paperwork
  • Mortages and deeds
  • Car titles
  • Paperwork and contact information for any agency from which the deceased may have been receiving benefits
  • Credit card statements
  • Tax returns from previous two years
  • The deceased’s most recent bank statements
  • Diplomas, educational records

Identity Safeguard

Avoid Identity Theft After Death

Identity theft after death is real! It has become increasingly necessary to guard against thieves desperate to steal the identity of deceased persons. This is why we recommend that you plan your estate document shredding service ahead of time and don’t leave the identity of your loved ones at risk. MasterShred can have all your old estate documents shredded and recycled.

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