Home Shredding

Tired of overflowing with old documents? Moving is a great time to declutter, but what about those confidential papers piling up? Bank statements, bills, and passports all contain personal information that identity thieves crave.

Home shredders can be frustrating. They jam easily, overheat, and require constant babysitting. Plus, removing staples and feeding in a few sheets at a time is a slow process.

MasterShred offers a secure and convenient solution. We offer the following options:

On-Site Shredding

Skip the hassle of transporting documents! We bring the shredding power to you. Our truck with a mobile shredder arrives at your home, conveniently destroying your documents on-site.

Off-Site Shredding

Our off-site shredding service picks up your documents directly from you. We then process them through our high-capacity industrial shredders at our secure facility. This allows us to offer a more cost-effective solution compared to on-site shredding, while still guaranteeing complete destruction of your confidential materials.


For a cost-effective option, Simply bring your documents tou our facility in Hennopspark, we’ll weigh them to determine the price based on our per-kilogram rate. You’re even welcome to witness the shredding process for added peace of mind. To ensure a smooth drop-off, please call ahead and let us know you’re coming.

See our pricing options or get a free quote to start shredding securely today