Shred your documents in a few easy steps

A quick and secure process

1 – Request A Quote

Fill in the “Request a Quote” form on our website or send an email to An accurate estimate of the paper volume allows us to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, helps with a smooth shredding process and helps avoid unexpected charges.

2 – Review & Accept The Quote

To empower you to make the best decision, we’ll send quotes for both on-site and off-site shredding services. Simply accept the option that best suits your needs.

3 – Pay the deposit

To secure your shredding appointment, we require a 60% deposit upfront. The remaining balance will be due after the service is complete.

4 – Schedule A Date, And Do The Work

Following your quote acceptance, a dedicated team member will contact you to collaboratively schedule a suitable date and time for the shredding service

5 – Final Documentation & Payment

Upon completion of your shredding service, we’ll send you a Certificate of Destruction, invoice, and statement for your records. This finalizes the process, and you can then settle the remaining balance.

6- Google Review

We value your feedback! Share your honest Google Review and receive a 15% discount on your next shredding job.

Start the process – Request A Quote

On-Site Shredding

Shredding takes place on the clients premises

  • MasterShred comes to your premises with appropriate shredders
  • For smaller jobs it could be 1-3 departmental shredders. Bigger jobs would require a larger industrial shredder.

  • Smaller jobs are done in our truck (we need access to an electricity power point). Bigger jobs are done with an industrial shredder. We would need access to 3phase power, and +/- 3 x 3m working space.

  • We sort the paper on your premises into recyclable grades

  • Shred the paper to P-3 security level.

  • Certificate of destruction is only issued upon request

  • This is the more expensive option

  • We are dependant on the client to provide electricity

Most popular option

Off-Site Shredding

We collect from you and shred at our premises

  • MasterShred comes to your premises with confidential wheelie bins

  • Your documents are put inside the Confidential Wheelie Bins
  • The bins are l;ocked and sealed to ensure no compromise to the clients documents
  • Alternatively, if the documents
    are packed in boxes, and a sizeable quantity, the boxes can be loaded directly into our truck. The truck gets locked and sealed to ensure no
    compromise to the clients documents.
  • Before shredding paper are sorted into recyclable grades. Plastic file dividers, plastic sleeves and metal bulldog clips are taken out.
  • Paper get shredded with an industrial shredded – cross cut shredding to security level DIN P-4

  • Shredded paper gets baled for recycling. (which provides additonal security)
  • Issue a Certificate Of Destruction, which provide you protection against the POPI Act.

  • Cheaper because its easier to manage & we can put it through bigger machines.

Client Delivers

Client brings the documents to MasterShred

  • Upon arrival MasterShred will help you offload your vehicle.
  • We will weigh the paper and charge you per kg (see our price list)
  • You are welcome to watch while we shred you paper.
  • Issue a Certificate Of Destruction, which provide you protection against the POPI Act.