There are several hidden costs to consider when doing paper shredding yourself with a home or office shredder, besides the upfront purchase price:

  • Machine Maintenance: Those “inexpensive” small shredders jam easily, especially with frequent use. Repairs and replacement parts can add up quickly.
  • Consumable Costs: To ensure optimal performance, the shredder requires regular oiling. Additionally, standard black bin bags are prone to tearing under the weight and texture of shredded paper. A more robust bag is recommended.
  • Time Investment: Shredding can be a tedious process, especially for large volumes of paper. Most businesses dont want highly paid staff stading infront of a shredding machine all day.
  • Security Risks: Many home / office shredders only offer strip-cut shredding, which leaves documents vulnerable to piecing back together. MasterShred uses industrial-grade machines with cross-cut technology, creating confetti-like pieces for maximum security.
  • Disposal Costs: As the volume of shredded paper increases, so do the challenges of managing its disposal effectively.
  • Safety Hazards: Home shredders can cause injuries if not operated carefully.
  • Environmental Concerns: While convenient, tossing shredded paper in the trash isn’t eco-friendly. Recycling it at a dedicated plant is the most sustainable option.
  • The POPI Act: DIY Shredding offers limited proof in data breaches.  MasterShred provides a Certificate of Destruction, offering verifiable proof of confidential document disposal.
  • Data Breach Impact: A data breach due to insufficient shredding security can have devastating consequences for businesses, including fines and reputational damage.