Price List 2024

What are the main things that affect the cost of getting my documents shredded?

On-Site vs Off-Site Shredding

We offer two secure shredding options to fit your needs:

  • On-site Shredding: Our shredding truck comes directly to your location and destroys your documents on-site. This provides maximum oversight and peace of mind.
  • Off-site Shredding: We pick up your documents from your location for secure shredding at our facility. This option is more cost-effective due to our high-volume machinery and streamlined processes. It’s also the preferred choice for over 85% of our clients as we provide them with a Certificate Of Destruction which protects them against the POPI Act.

Here’s a breakdown of the key differences:

Location: On-site shredding happens at your place, while off-site happens at our facility.
Security: On-site offers direct observation. Off-site relies on our secure chain of custody but we also allow direct observation for those who would like to witness.
Cost: Off-site shredding is cheaper because we operate from a central facility with high-volume industrial shredders. We don’t need to maintain a fleet of specialized mobile shredding trucks which can be expensive. We can also shred larger batches of documents more efficiently at our facility, reducing labor costs per ton of shredded material.
Popularity: Off-site shredding is the more popular choice for its convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Volume Of Paper

More paper helps us achive efficiencies. Less transport & labour costs per unit and less administrative workload.

Type of service

  • Once off VS regular (monthly)
  • Normanl service VS Purge / Office cleanup.