Computer Recycling

Recycle your computer responsibly and securely with Records Management SA. We offer the perfect solution for all your e-waste needs.

How are your computer recycled


Safe data erasure


Test computer’s health


Repair or recycle

Date erasure

Remove date with data erasure software or crush the hard drive

Test computers health

We thoroughly evaluate all used computers through diagnostics to determine their viability.

Repair or recycle

If refurbishing the computer makes good financial sense, we’ll restore it to excellent working order. This process includes cosmetic improvements, repairs, and potential upgrades. However, if refurbishment isn’t cost-effective, the computer will be responsibly recycled.

Fast and efficient

Manual hard drive crusher

Here’s how it works:

  • Total Casing Destruction: The Crusher pulverizes the hard drive’s outer casing, rendering it physically unusable.
  • Inoperable Disks: The crushing force bends the platters – the disks storing your information – beyond repair. Even a slight bend prevents the read/write heads from accessing the data.
  • Shattered Glass Platters (if applicable): Some drives utilize glass platters which shatter upon crushing, further guaranteeing data inaccessibility.
  • Permanently Unreadable: The unique design of the Crusher ensures the platters remain permanently warped, eliminating the possibility of flattening them and retrieving data.

Certified Data Erasure

Our data erasure software offers a secure and permanent data erasure solution. It utilizes military-grade overwrite methods to completely erase all data from your hard drive therefore making it unrecoverable by even the most sophisticated data recovery tools. This ensures your privacy is protected and gives you peace of mind when recycling or selling your old equipment.

Products we recycle

  • Computers – desktops, servers, laptops, tablets
  • Monitors
  • Keybords, mice, power leads, laptop power chargers and all peripherals
  • Smartphones
  • Printers
  • Circuit Boards
  • Hard Drives
  • Data Center Equipment
  • IT and Networking Equipment
  • Lab, Testing, and Medical Equipment

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