Office Storage Box

Breathtaking design for home living.

Ditch the frustration of assembly! Our innovative cardboard office storage boxes are designed for effortless setup. Simply press on the sides and watch the box instantly pop into shape. No more wrestling with tape or battling confusing instructions. These collapsible containers are perfect for storing files, office supplies, or anything else that needs a quick and organized home.

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Self Folding Pop-UP Storage Box

Dimensions: 44.5cm x 33.5cm x 29.5cm


  • Self-folding pop-up box saving you time and frustration
  • Each yBox comes with a lid
  • Strong and durable
  • Integrated cut out handles for ease of movement
  • Security holes allow you to use cable/security ties
  • Made from recycled material and is recyclable
  • Acid free to protect your contents